I'm Pauldb09

I'm a fullstack developer from France

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Coding is more than a hobby, it's a passion

First coding experience

During the pandemic, I attended math classes over Discord where I was first introduced to coding. It was there that I discovered a brand new world!

Creating Green-bot

After creating some small bots with my friends as a hobby, I decided to create one on my own. To my surprise, it became a huge success with 40 million users!

Attending Harvard's CS50

I attended the well-known CS50 course online, which allowed me to enhance all the knowledge I gained through my self-learning experience.

Company management

I am now managing Green-bot while studying. I have also bought a new bot to expand my business!

It's not always about luck.


Years of experience

From 2020 to 2023! And still going!

60 million

Users using Green-bot or related services

That huge number of users all accross the world has been maken bigger by the purchase of Flantic


Hours spent coding in 2022

I'm always working on small funny scripts or creating brand new features for my projects!

I've worked on 10+ projects since 2020

Here are the most interesting ones :)



I founded Green-bot back in 2020 as a hobby and now it's serving more than 30 millions users worldwide on 500,000 separate discord communities!

Tech: Typescript, MongoDB, NextJS, Kotlin, Java



Manage everything in your discord server thanks to Flantic! From security to fun features! This bot has been acquired in early 2023 to enlarge Green-bot's buisness

Tech: Python, SQL, NextJS, Prisma


Tutos Du Web

A very complete website for writing tutorials. Used to have 200 tutorials written by the community and more than 1000 registred users.

Tech: PHP, SQL, Html, Css, VanillaJS, Bootstrap


Github Projects

I've also made several open source projects or scripts on my github profile

Tech: Javascript, Typescript, ExpressJS, mongoDB

Get in Touch.

I'm always open to new opportunities! Feel free to get in touch with me!

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